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The success of the Denarius Financial Group is built on customer satisfaction. In this fast-paced industry where decisions and processing of transactions are often executed within a few brief seconds, customer cooperation is essential in providing this service.

The acknowledgment of the following steps guarantees a strong business relationship.

Buy or Sell
The first step in any order is to buy or sell. For example, in the market to buy US$500,000 or, in the market to sell US$500,000. It may sound superfluous but it assures that the account executive clearly understands the order. Registered customers may execute orders via e-mail.

Exact Foreign Totals are required when an order is being placed. Detailed instructions pertaining to drafts or wire transfers may follow after the transaction has been confirmed.

Value Date
Transactions required to be delivered or executed on a date other than the booking date must be clearly stated to the account executive. Such specific details will permit the account executive to provide an accurate quote as well as a precise delivery period.

For trades to be settled in a currency other than Canadian dollars, it is important to clearly mention the settlement cross (for example, in the market to buy US$500,000 to be settled in euros).

Once a booking takes place, the account executive will provide a deal number for reference purposes. It is imperative that the account executive repeats the order back to you, eliminating any possible misunderstandings. A booking is a verbal contract binding both parties.

Quality Control
Telephone calls may be monitored and recorded, to ensure that we are delivering the highest standard of professionalism in the industry and to rectify any possible misunderstandings upon the booking of trades.

In providing the best possible service this industry can offer, it is very important to issue payment immediately following the booking confirmation by the account executive.

It is essential that the payment includes the following:

  • Denarius Financial Group Inc. as the beneficiary
  • Correct cheque date
  • Matching body and figures
  • Legible handwriting (if handwritten)
  • Signatures and initialed changes by authorized individuals

Bank to Bank Delivery
Customers replenishing accounts in Canadian dollars or foreign denomination can simply make pre-arrangements with their corporate banker to prepare payment to Denarius in exchange of equivalent in either Canadian dollars or foreign denomination by our proprietary couriers for further credit to their accounts.

Inbound Delivery
Customers will be requested to print and sign a route log acknowledging receipt of the envelope. The contents are carefully inspected by our audit department and then sealed. Please inform the account executive of any specific delivery instructions for the courier. Also, specify any closed periods during regular (9:00am to 5:00pm) business hours and make appropriate arrangements with the account executive for delivery.

If the signer or banker is unavailable to authorize or execute the payment, advise the account executive as soon as possible and reschedule the delivery. Bookings made after 11:00am (EST) will be delivered on the next business day. Couriers contracted by Denarius are not responsible for nor are they aware of the transaction that has transpired between the parties.

Concerns regarding delivery service or the contents of the envelope should be addressed to the account executive or the audit department. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for delivery.

Outbound Delivery
Customers outside our delivery area may arrange bank-to-bank wire transfer payments directly to our banking correspondent. Traders will provide specific bank correspondent details relative to currencies being wired.

Time Duration
Unless otherwise specified, all orders are understood to be day orders. That is, if an order has not been acquired during that session, it expires. If an order is to remain in force beyond the day of entry, it must be clearly stated when placing the order with the account executive. In providing a hedging platform with various options, it is essential that the account executive be advised of any amendments or cancellations of such orders.

Despite the best precautions, misunderstandings may occur between the parties. It is essential that misunderstandings be rectified immediately and that the parties involved are informed as soon as possible.

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